Take It or Leave It ~ Levi's Style

This week we are talking about a Maxi dress. I usually steer clear of Maxi dresses since I am so short. However, I thought I would see what you all thought!

Now for the “Take It OR Leave It” game. Here’s how it works . . . grab a shopping buddy and head to your favorite store. Find a display you love then recreate the look in your size. Turn to your shopping buddy and simply say, “take it or leave it”. Then trust their judgment!

Now I’m inviting you to be my shopping buddy! Here’s this week’s selection:

What do you think . . . should I “Take It OR Leave It”?


  1. I think you should take it, belt it and glam it up with some jewelry. You can wear that!!

  2. This is cute! I think I would even like the "Trucker Vest" (by the way you in a trucker vest just cracks me up!) if it were in a petite cut. The vest just seems a little big but overall I'd take the outfit!

  3. I think it's a keeper! You could rock this all summer long and let's not forget boot, belt and jacket in the fall will work as well. Something tells me if you pass you'll be sorry!


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