Book Review ~ The One Year My Princess Devotions by Karen Whiting

Karen Whiting
Juvenile Nonfiction/Devotion & Prayer

Back of the book:

Little girls love to pretend they are princesses. Now they don't have to pretend any longer.

The One Year My Princess Devotions: Preschool Edition will teach girls that they are truly daughters of the almighty King. They will also learn how much God loves them and what God expects from his children.

Each devotion includes a short scripture (Royal Words), and special message (Royal Thoughts), a prayer for the Kind, and an activity related to the devotion's theme (Princess in Action).

Your little princess will want to read about her King each day and learn how to live like royalty throughout her life.

My thoughts:

In my opinion it is never too early to begin teaching your children to study God's Word. The One Year My Princess Devotions: Preschool Edition is the perfect way to begin that habit with your sweet little girl. 

Each day's reading is short and sweet so as not to lose the attention of your little one. The scripture selection (Royal Words) is simple enough that your little girl can easily repeat it after you. The Princess Thoughts section is written in an easily understood description so as to help you apply what the scripture means. The prayer suggestion (A Prayer for the King) can again be easily repeated by your girl.

The daily devotions are designed to be done during the morning or afternoon so that your little princess can complete the task assigned for the day (Princess in Action). The activities again are simple but have a wonderful application to the scripture of the day.

I am completely thrilled with this book. I'm looking forward to introducing the little girls in my life to it. The author, Karen Whiting, has a fabulous Pinterest board dedicated completely to Princess parties. You should check it out for great ideas to supplement the book!

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