You Can't Sit With Us (Mean Girl Makeover, Book 2) by Nancy Rue ~ Juvenile Fiction Review & Giveaway

You Can't Sit With Us by Nancy Rue

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Mean Girl Makeover, Book 2
Nancy Rue
Juvenile Fiction (ages 9-12)


From bestselling author Nancy Rue comes the story of Ginger Hollingberry, a new sixth grader at Gold Country Middle School. With greasy red hair, hand-me-down clothes, and a loud mouth, Ginger seems like she has a bullseye on her back for bullies like Kylie Steppe, who's had it out for Ginger since the first day of school. The student body of GCMS has just signed the Code, a strict anti-bullying pledge, except for one person--and, of course, it's Kylie. Since teachers and students are hyperaware of bullying thanks to the Code, Kylie and her gang of frenemies discover a new medium for taunts; social media. And now Ginger isn't safe from bullies anywhere.

Will the rumors spread about Ginger online ever stop? How can she show her face at school--or home--ever again?

My Thoughts

This was a difficult book to read . . . in a good way! You Can't Sit with Us is the second book in the Mean Girl Makeover series. This time we get to look at bullying from the perspective of the one being bullied. As a mom it just made me cringe. All the ugly behavior of middle school girls is splashed on the page and it is both heart-rending and anger inducing.

The first book in the series was So Not Okay and the story focused on the perspective of Tori who was a bystander to the bullying. This time around the focus shifts to Ginger who is the new girl and the bullying target of Kylie. I was struck by how my emotions shifted back and forth in this story. I found myself thinking, "Kylie, why do you have to be so mean? It just makes you so ugly." Then a bit later I would think, "Don't do it or say it Ginger! You know the outcome won't be good." And all along the way I just wanted one of the Tribelet to speak up. I felt like my shoulders were up around my ears just from the stress of it all.

Unfortunately the reason I had such a strong reaction to the story was because it is very real. Add the thought of it being your daughter that is being bullied is enough to make a momma come unglued! The really good thing about this whole series is that Nancy Rue uses the characters to teach very important lessons on bullying that can be applied to real life situations. As a mom I would highly recommend this whole series for moms and daughters to read and discuss together.

Do not what you want to do but what is right to do.

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  1. Hi!! What a great review. I gave it share on my FB page, unfortunately I can't enter myself as I'm in Australia. But will definitely source the book here!!

    1. Thanks Mandy! For your kind words and also for helping us get the word out about this great book. Sorry the contest isn't available to you but I hope you get to read the book soon.


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