Swimming With Faith: The Missy Franklin Story by Natalie Davis Miller | Biography Review


"God is always there for me."
-Missy Franklin

ONE OF THE MOST TALENTED SWIMMERS in the world today, Missy Franklin has been swimming since she was five years old and hasn't stopped. From local summer swim leagues all the way to the Olympics, Missy has proven over and over that hard work and dedication can make dreams become reality. But through all of the adventures and challenges that are a part of this determined athlete's life, Missy has remained true to her heart and faith--making sure that God, family, and friends stay top priorities even in the face of the fame and glory that come with achieving goals like Olympic gold and world records in her beloved swimming.

My Thoughts

With the opening of the 2016 Summer Olympics just a few weeks away, Swimming With Faith was a fun addition to our summer reading list. Since Missy Franklin burst onto the world stage at the last summer Olympic games we have been fans. She presents such an engaging presence that represents her faith, family, and country so well.

Swimming With Faith is sure to appeal to the young aspiring swimmer in your midst. The story begins with Missy's early years and takes the reader through the whole journey of her fascinating life and career. I appreciated how relatable this biography was. It describes how Missy started swimming at age 5 like so many other American girls. She also tells of her time on different swim teams like many girls compete on.

We all know that every little girl isn't going to achieve the same success in swimming that Missy has, but the book encourages girls to find what God especially designed them for. Missy believes that she was designed to be a swimmer. She describes the different aspects of her make up and how they lend to swimming. While sharing that she also encourages other girls to seek God's design for themselves.

If you've got a girl that is interested in swimming specifically or in just seeking what she should become this is a great book for exploring that. It is also a great book to read before the summer Olympics in Rio starts. Now that we've read it we are looking forward to cheering Missy on as we watch her races.

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