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NKJV Reader's Bible from B&H Publishing

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The NKJV Reader's Bible includes the full text of Scripture in the format of a novel. This unique format provides an opportunity to experience the Bible as a story uninterrupted by verse numbers or cross references, allowing a fresh experience with the text. This edition features the bestselling New King James Version in single-column text.

My Thoughts

Many women collect shoes and handbags. I tend to collect Bibles. (Okay so I have my fair share of shoes and handbags too!) I have a Bible that I like to study from, I have one that I do Bible Art Journaling in, I have one I keep in my car and I have one I carry to church with me. (I also have electronic ones on my phone, Kindle and tablet.) Each one is dear to me and just the right one for the situation.

Last week I received a copy of the new NKJV Reader's Bible. It's pretty and feels great in my hands but why in the world would I need another Bible? Well every other year I like to read the Bible through cover to cover. When I saw that this is a Bible that includes the full text of Scripture but in a novel format I couldn't resist giving it a try as a reading Bible.

I know this may just be psychological but I think it reads faster than a normal Bible. I tend to get caught up in footnotes and references when I am reading so it takes me longer than I always anticipate to cover the daily reading. With this Bible it's not like that I just read to my heart's content and find that I am reading more and enjoying the story itself more than I have previously. 

This particular Bible isn't marked like a normal Bible with chapters and verses. Instead it is marked with the beginning of each book (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, etc.). You are able to tell when you've gone into a new chapter because the beginning of each chapter has the first letter of the first word in a different and larger font. It really is like reading a novel.

If you are one that likes to read the Bible through on a regular basis this would be a great addition to your library. I also think that it would make a nice gift for the avid reader on your list.

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