Ch. 6: Pursuing Pure Pleasure ~ Passion Pursuit: What Kind Of Love Are You Making?

Chapter 6: Pursuing Pure Pleasure

Theme: Pure Pleasure is found when a Christian couple discovers what is okay in the bedroom for them personally.

The most pressing question Christian women ask about sex is, “What’s okay for me and my husband to do in the bedroom?” In this chapter, we’ll answer the questions women have always wanted to ask but never knew where to go for honest answers. We’ll give practical, biblically-based answers to questions about oral sex, anal sex, sex toys, and the use of pornographic materials in marriage.

Chapter six explores the question of what is okay in the bedroom and what does God say is okay. Juli and Linda start by encouraging you to use the principles that God has given us. They list ten very specific areas that God definitely says no to.

After setting those parameters they then have you as a couple ask yourselves three questions when determining if something is right for you. Here are the questions:

  1. Does God say no?
  2. Is it good for us?
  3. Is it only us?
I found this to be the most detailed (without being inappropriate) chapter so far. They were very straight forward with the discussion of the topics of anal sex, oral sex, sex toys and pornography. I appreciated the candor they used to address such sensitive material. My husband and I watched this segment together and had a great discussion after the video.

The last segment of the video addressed the idea of comfort versus conscience. Juli and Linda talked about how as women we tend to be a little less willing to take risks than our spouses. They encouraged us as women to not to always say no to our husbands when he suggests something out of our comfort zone. We need to consider the three questions we discussed earlier and then determine if what is being suggested really does go against our conscience or are we just uncomfortable and need to loosen up a bit.

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