Chapter 4: Making Truth Stick ~ Passion Pursuit: What Kind Of Love Are You Making?

Chapter 4: Making Truth Stick

Theme: Your sexuality involves a spiritual battle between truths and lies.

Women can know God’s truth from Scripture but it can be “head truth” if it is not lived out by embracing God’s design in their bedroom. Satan burns his lies into us with the intent to destroy and confuse God’s beautiful truth. We look specifically at five common lies:
  • It’s wrong to enjoy sex too much
  • I’m not worthy of passion
  • God doesn’t care about my pain
  • I’m too wounded for passion
  • I can heal myself

We are at war! In order to engage in an effective battle we must always remember who our true enemy is. It is the father of lies, Satan himself. He is continually roaming around seeking out what he can devour. His highest goal is to separate us from God. Let me give you a little clip from the workbook to set the stage for this week's study:
As you learned last week, sexual intimacy between a husband and wife is a holy picture of Christ and His church. God Almighty created the act of sex as a representation of the longing, the unity, the intimacy of Jesus Christ and His people. Satan's attack on sexuality and marriage is about more than you and your husband. He aims to destroy, pollute, and disgustify (yes, we made that up) the precious and holy picture of oneness.
Because your marriage, your bedroom, your mind is a combat zone, your enemy works overtime to keep you from the truth.
This week's study exposes five common lies that often keep women from embracing the truth of what God says about sex.

  1. I'm not loved if I'm not desired.
  2. I don't deserve a great sex life.
  3. God doesn't care about my pain. 
  4. I'm too wounded to be healed.
  5. I can fix problems with sexuality on my own.
Each lie is refuted with the truth and it is up to us to claim that truth by putting on the whole armor of God before we head into the battlefield. When we are bombarded by each of these lies we need to remember what is true.

  1. God is eternal love. (Jeremiah 31:3)
  2. There is nothing God can't redeem. (Romans 8:1)
  3. God always sees our pain. (Genesis 16)
  4. God came to bind up the wounded. (Isaiah 61:1)
  5. Only God heals! (John 14:6)

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