Chapter 1: I've Got Power ~ Passion Pursuit: What Kind Of Love Are You Making?

Chapter 1 ~ I've Got Power

Theme: You have power, the power to build a house of intimacy by God's design.

Do you realize that you have power as a wife? It's true! And it's not the "I am woman, hear me roar!" kind of power. It's subtle, God-given, and very effective when it comes to your husband. But are you using your power correctly?

In the video portion of the weekly study Juli tells a funny story about her family visiting DisneyWorld and meeting Cinderella and Prince Charming. The two characters were celebrating 50 years of wedded bliss. Juli asked them how they had remained so much in love. Cinderella's response was, "We never left DisneyWorld."

Hmmm . . . maybe that's the problem for most of us. DisneyWorld is long gone! Do you remember when you left DisneyWorld? I know I sure do. It happened on the day after the wedding. I had taken a nasty fall at my reception while doing the Flying Dutchman. My new husband was passing me off to my father and I missed the link up. I went flying all right. My big ole hoop skirt came up over my head and everyone got a peak at my pretty new wedding night panties. Lord. Have. Mercy!

The next day I couldn't walk. We started out on our honeymoon trip but the pain became unbearable so we turned around and went back to my momma's house to seek the advice of my momma and my grand mommas. They sent us to the emergency room. Long story short, I was admitted. They thought I had developed blood clots in both of my legs so I was confined to a bed. Do you know how embarrassing it is to use a bedpan on your HONEYMOON?!! Now that I think of it, I'm not sure we ever made it to DisneyWorld.

Well enough of that . . . let's get on with the study! Here's a short video clip of week one's lesson:

Did you catch what Juli said? "Power always comes from what someone else needs." You have needs that only your husband can meet and that gives him power. The reverse is also true. Your husband has needs that only you can meet and that gives you power.

Juli goes on to talk about three needs of men which are three areas of power for women. Those areas are respect, companionship and sex. Do you realize that our natural reaction is to withhold power? Do you also realize how devastating that can be to our marriages?

We have power in our marriages. Let's learn to use it wisely to benefit our husbands and ourselves. For heaven's sake don't unwittingly hand that power over to something or SOMEONE else. I guarantee there's someone out there just waiting to meet the needs of YOUR man. Don't let it happen!

Sweet friends . . . if you are marriage minded, married for four years or married for forty years you need this study. I wish that I had it 30+ years ago. I think it would have made a big difference, especially in those early years, if I had understood my power and used it wisely.

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